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"Why Can't We Have A Baby?"

Full length movie 50 minutes playing time
Featuring Veronica and Kari Of course Veronica's pretty face is fully shown in the movie

Night time and Veronica is coming to bed with you. Once again she brings up the subject "Why can't we have a baby?". She so wants to be a mommy

You are solidly against the idea of babies in the house. You like life just the way it is with no complications. Veronica argues her case more but you stand your ground. She is sad and upset with you as you drift off.

The next thing you know, it is still the middle of the night and she is standing over you with a determined look on her face and a diaper in her hand. She says you have wet the bed like a baby would. You look down and your shorts are wet, so is the bed sheet. It all looks a bit fuzzy and unreal - is this a bad dream?

Veronica insists wipe you clean, rub in baby powder and put a disposable diaper on you. You protest and she gives you a smack on your bum for your trouble.

What is going on? How dare she whack you. Strangely you are unable to resist. Mind you, it does feel nice having your willy wiped very clean and powder rubbed up and down, over and over. Veronica smiles sexily and says you will always like that part of having your diaper changed.

She gives you a baby bottle of nice warm milk and the nod odd again in her arms. This is all very unreal.

Morning already and you wake. What a shock! You are in an adult sized nursery and Veronica is standing over you in a conservative mommy dress. She asks if you slept yell and is your diaper still dry! WTF?

She wants to change you and put you in baby clothes. You struggle but she is firm and spanks your bare bottom again and again.

Finally you give in a little and let her do that.

She says time for your afternoon nap and helps you into a super sized adult size cot. She lies down next to you to cuddle until ou nod off again. When you wake a while later she is smiling at you. You call her "mommy". How did that come out of your mouth? Are you still dreaming?

Veronica checks your diaper and you have wet it yet again, big time.

You peer out of the cot through the rails while she lays doan a change mat, wipes, powder and a fresh cloth diaper.

Once again she changes your soggy diaper. That is three times you have wet yourself since you went to bed the night before... or is this still a adream. Maybe not. It does feel kinda nice calling her "mommy" and having her totally want to love and care for you.
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